Monday, August 15, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

It's official.  We are homeowners!  We signed the papers on August 4th and were completely moved in to our adorable, little house by Saturday afternoon.  May many blessings be on the heads of my parents, my sister Lori, and my grandma for all the hard work they did in helping us move.

We are beyond thrilled to finally be living in our new home and working to make it just the way we want it!  We give God all the praise and glory for what He is doing in our lives.

I've promised so many people pictures, so I am including a few in this post.  These are just pictures of the downstairs.  Upstairs pictures will be taken and posted later, but we currently have a guest staying with us whom we have given free reign of the entire upstairs for the next week or so. :)

Disclaimer:  The pictures in this post will be horrible because -
a: I am not a photographer.  I don't take pictures of...well...anything.  I'm told that will bother me someday, but right now I don't care. :)
b: I don't even own a camera.  (well, I did....but it died, and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet)  Yay for iPhone cameras though!

This is our adorable, little house!  
We are currently in the process of taming the jungle that is the front and back yards. 

Silly me opening our front door for the first time.

View from the front door.  
We LOVE the open floor plan.

Disclaimer #2 - Ignore all the unpacking and painting that's still going on.  It's a process. :)

Living room

My favorite, favorite, favorite room in the whole house!

Disclaimer #3 - The wine cooler came with the house.  It will soon be replaced with more shelving/storage.  Thank you. :)

Master Bedroom

Another view of the Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom
Yay for double sinks!!
Disclaimer #4 - Ignore random girl standing in giant bathtub to take a picture.  You do what you have to do to get a good shot apparently :P

Another Master Bath view
The bathroom is long....I couldn't get a good picture of the whole thing.  Sorry.

God is good. All the time.

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