Monday, March 12, 2012

My Love Story

Warning:  I'm in a very romantic mood today.  So, if you could care less about how much I love my husband or how our story unfolds, you can stop reading now.  Otherwise, enjoy :)

With all the exciting changes we are experiencing in our lives, I have spent a significant amount of time recently looking back, reflecting, and thanking our sovereign God for how He has orchestrated our lives up to this point.  I am incredibly blessed to be married to the most wonderful man in the world.  He is handsome, hardworking, loving, thoughtful, caring, helpful - the list could go on and on!  I am in awe of God's perfect plan, knowing when and how we would meet and eventually be married and using our dating and marriage relationship to grow us both spiritually, individually and as a couple.  To Him be the Glory!

It all starts way, way back 2nd semester of my Junior year in college (Approximately February or March of 2008).  During the school year, I worked under the Dean of Women.  About 10 hours every week, you could find me at my desk in the lobby of my dorm assisting girls with passes to go off campus.  This particular semester I had scheduled work hours between 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  (I wasn't supposed to have those hours initially...but that's a whole different story involving me dislocating my knee and having to switch hours for Physical Therapy appointments - It was all part of God's plan!)

Across the hall from my desk was the Vending Machine/Snack Room.  At least once a week during my shift, this really cute boy would come to stock and refill the vending machines.  I, of course, noticed him and would occasionally smile or say "Hi" as he was coming or going.  That was the extent of our relationship for about a month or so.  One day, he came up to the desk as he was leaving and asked my coworker and I if we would like some candy.  It was crushed and he wasn't allowed to stock it, so instead of throwing it away he offered it to us.  I didn't care.  I'll take Reeses Peanut Butter Cups any way they are offered to me, crushed or whole! :)  Every couple of weeks or so after that, he would stopy by on his way out with more "crushed" candy to give me.  I had to switch shifts with a friend one day and missed seeing "my favorite vending machine boy."  I came by the desk later that night to work and he had left a bag of Doritos for me, even though I wasn't there.  So cute!

By the end of the semester we were just casual aquaintances, really.  We each knew the other person's name and would acknowledge eachother if we passed on the sidewalks, but that was where it ended.  Right before the semester ended, I found him on Facebook and added him as a friend.  I never knew if he confirmed it and really just forgot about him at all until September. 

I was checking my Faebook one morning and saw him listed as having a birthday, so I thought I'd write a quick "Happy Birthday!"  Lo and behold, he replied to my post and started a conversation that quickly evolved from wall posts to messages to chats, to texts, and ultimately to "There's a soccer game at school this Saturday night, would you like to go with me?"  I freaked out and really didn't want to go.  I finally agreed when he said his friends and sister would be there, so I dragged my sister along as well.  The beginning of that "date" was awful.  He didn't even talk to me for the first half of the game.  Somehow, after half time everyone else in the group disappeared and we finally started talking.  By the end of that night, I knew I would go out with him again if he asked.  He did, and the rest is history :)

Timeline of Happily Ever After
November 1st, 2008 - Our first date. (Technically this is our 2nd date, but I don't have a picture of the first)

December 5, 2008 - Lester officially asked me to be his girlfriend.

March 3, 2009 - Lester told me he loved me for the first time and sent me these roses a few days later.

October 17, 2009 - Lester took me on a day trip to a waterfall in the mountains and there asked me to be his wife.

May 8, 2010 - I married my best friend :)

I am so thankful for the man God chose for me to spend my life with.
I love you, Lester.

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  1. So beautiful and inspiring :) Thanks for sharing, Sarah! God has truly blessed you!