Thursday, October 6, 2011

Organizing My Life: Recipe Edition

     Lester and I were talking about our hobbies the other day.  I have come to the conclusion that my new favorite hobby is definitely cooking and baking.  I love trying out new recipes and  making favorites again.  Mostly, I love seeing the enjoyment others (mostly Lester) get from eating a really great dish.  (O.K. I really enjoy eating, too) ;)

     Southern  Living and Taste of Home magazines are two of my favorite recipe sources.  I also love reading food blogs to get inspiration as well.  Every few months I go through my magazines and clip out recipes that I want to try.  The problem is that I then end up with a large pile of recipe clippings with nowhere to put them.

     My sweet mother made a notebook full of my favorite recipes and gave it to me when I got married.  Super awesome gift, huh?  I love it! :)  She even thought ahead and filled it with empty plastic page protectors so that I could eventually add my own recipes.  That worked great, for a while.  The problem with that system was: 1.  I had WAY too many recipes and 2. Most were odd shapes from being cut and torn out of magazines. 

What to do?
     I came to the conclusion that I needed to either write or type all of these recipes out so that they could uniformly be added to my book.  But, then I had an even better idea!  What if I just created folders and kept all my recipes organized on my computer?  The concept of keeping them stored electronically sounded great, but I was daunted by the amount of work I would have to put in to organize my mountain of recipes.

Enter Kitchenmonki. 
     I did some research and found a few free websites to organize recipes.  There were about 5 websites that seemed like they would work well, but Kitchenmonki looked as if it would serve my purposes the best.

Why do I like Kitchenmonki?
1.  It is electronic and free :)
2.  It does most of the organizing work for me.  I can search by ingredient, meal course, cuisine, or even cook time and find just the recipe I am looking for.
3. Using Kitchenmonki, I can search through my personal recipes or 1,000's of other recipes posted by other users.  (When you add a recipe, it asks if you would like to make it private - only you can see it - or public - any Kitchenmonki users can access.  All of my recipes are private so don't try looking for them) ;)
4.  I can easily create meal plans and grocery lists and print them off.  (Which, i think, is way better than writing it all down on a scrap piece of paper and not remembering where you put it.  Not that I would ever do that!) :)  Apparently, there is a way to pull it up on my phone too.  I just haven't figured that part out yet.

     I have only just started using Kitchenmonki, but I don't have anything to complain about yet.  This is just my free little review for anyone who is interested in electronically organizing your recipes.  Now, I must get back to working on that.  The mountain doesn't seem to be getting any smaller yet...


  1. how funny!! I've been working on organizing my recipes this week too! hmmm...I am definitely not interested in typing all my recipes out, but if I can't come up with a better way, I will definitely check out Kitchenmonki. Thanks for the review and good luck getting rid of your mountain! :)

  2. Great minds think alike, huh? :) Typing them all out is definitely a process, but it should be worth it once I finally have them all organized! Happy organizing to you, too. :)